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Breath Test

The Helicibacter Pylori bacterium  cause some patholigies such as gastritis, peptic ulcer, which may provoke gastric cancer.

Breath test with marked urea is an exam that allows to detect the bacterium, in a range of 15 minutes, doctor can diagnose with inmdeate result, withpit the need of a major exam or biopsy. This kind of exam has a high accuracy and specifity.

What is it and how do I prepare?

It is a non-invasive test, in which a Urea capsule is ingested, and after 10 minutes, the breath sample is collected on a card that will later be analyzed. The result is delivered immediately and the patient can continue his normal day.

To perform the breath test, it is required to have an 8-hour fast and not be consuming Proton Pump Inhibitors, (IBP’s such as Omeprazole, Esomeprazole, Lanzoprazole, etc.), and not be taking antibiotics for 1 month prior to the test; In order to guarantee the validity of the test.


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